Road kill

I have stopped keeping track of the days post op now, it’s more than 60 I’m sure.  Last week was horrendous, it’s all 2 steps forward 10 steps back.   After pushing myself waaayyy toooo far last week I ended up in bed, a mess for two days.  Just starting to feel OK again now.  3-6months to recover they say hmmmmmm.

I have this next week off work as it’s term break. I have lots to look forward to: I have new hair a happening on Thursday and some shoes I have ordered should be arrivering at some point this week?….

I plan on hitting the second hand shops to hunt for more good things and of course do some liftering, hmmmm when I put it like that, that is alot for this restful week…….

Anywho I will leave you with a pretty picture of my new shoes to be.

Clippity clop